BANA: Heart of Darkness

SERIES SYNOPSIS (Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller):

The Igigi, beings who claim to be benevolent aliens, are secretly aiding the governments of the world by providing technology, advice, and protection against the Anunnaki (extraterrestrials who would enslave and destroy humankind).   However, not all is as it seems to be regarding the Igigi and the Anunnaki.  The world would be lost if not for the Protectors, the true guardians of humanity.

Meanwhile, a paramilitary organization known as The Soldiers of Light, seek to expose the Anunnaki to a world mostly unaware of their existence, and to build their forces to fight against them.

One of the Anunnaki’s chief assassins is a powerful being named Bana (the slayer). Bana is haunted by his past, a time when he was once joyful and at peace.  Now he is consumed by anger and vice.  His mission: to eliminate key individuals who in one way or another would interfere with the plans of the Anunnaki. Bana_HOD_Banner_2__High_Res_[no text} copy 2

The series chronicles Bana, his past and his journey, as he deals those who stand in his way.

Episode 1 “The Game” (post-production)

Army intelligence officers investigate The Soldiers of Light (a paramilitary group) and their connection with a string of murders dating back several years.  Meanwhile, The Soldiers of Light are using a gaming program to recruit new members in their struggle against the Anunnaki.   In the middle of all of this is Bana, the slayer.

Additional episodes are in pre-production.


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