Thanks for being a part of the launch of Creative Crosswalk this week!  We had lots of visitors and great conversation on our social media pages, so keep it up!  We believe in passing on great stuff, so get ready for some awesome articles shared with us this past week.  The following are a few of my favorites from Twitter:

Need a documentary fix?  Check out the best 100 documentaries on Netflix, as shared by Javier Perez-Karam, @PerezKaram: utm_content=buffer20f8b&utm_medium=social&

Is being a leader wearing you out?  Then grab some leadership caffeine and read this article tweeted by Linda Aldred, @linda_aldred:

I love writing tools!  Thanks to Angela Ackerman, @AngelaAckerman, at Writing Helping Writers for sharing some awesome ones!

Have you ever had to work with a difficult person on a film set?  Thankfully,I’ve found it’s pretty rare, but when it happens, here are some tips for you to follow, thanks to Studio Binder, @studiobinder:

As an ENTJ, I should be bringing down the bucks according to this article about personality types that earn the most money, tweeted by Jennifer J. Newbill, @JenniferNAtDell:

I don’t know about you, but I love comeback stories.  In this post tweeted by Jay Kuhns,@jrkuhns, you can read about 11 famous people who overcame huge challenges to make it big.  One of my favorites, Martha Stewart, is on this list!

If you are a writer and need some brain candy, check out this list of great writing articles from sent by Kas Thomas, @kasthomas:

If you missed any of the great Creative Crosswalk blog posts this week, you can catch up by clicking on the links below:

Guest blogger Carissa Dallis writes about her favorite and least favorite part of being an eleven year old film and stage actor:

Read about Ethan Hawke’s shout out to Dayton at last week’s Oscars by Tom Dallis:

Read about the idea of spirit allies for creatives as you discover why imaginary friends are still a good idea by Amy Dallis:

Inspired by writers Madeleine L’Engle and Graham Moore, Amy Dallis tackles why we should think differently and stay weird to keep our sense of individuality in a cookie-cutter world:

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Written by Amy Dallis