A Time-Travel Love Story

VIRGINIA CLEMM POE, young bride of poet and writer EDGAR ALLAN POE, has a secret that only she and her mother know. Although she was born in 1822, Virginia was conceived in the 21st century.  At the point of death, she takes a formula which makes time travel possible and travels to the 21st century where she is cured. Being cured, Virginia joins the Army Rangers, and afterward, goes to work for the company which originally developed the formula for time travel. Missing her husband, she steals the formula and returns to when she and twenty-six year old Edgar were first married.

IMG_4070BThrough a series of events, she and her husband attempt time travel together. However, something goes awry.  Instead of returning to Virginia’s time, they become part of an alternate Steampunk timeline.  With the aid of a secret agency known as NEVERMORE and two trusted friends (Alyssa Lee and Joseph Dickens) Virginia and Edgar seek to set things right.  Pitted against The Thule Society, an evil organization dedicated to the destruction of any who stand in their way and who believe the only hope of their survival is through the death of Edgar Allan Poe, our four heroes seek to save two realities – Virginia’s and the world of Steampunk

A New Series

We have the pilot script and are working on outlines for additional episodes.  But we need to film a few scenes that will be included in our pitch for this series.   If you would like to be part of this project we would invite you to consider making a donation.  Thank you.


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TOM DALLIS is an award-winning American film director, producer, editor and scriptwriter. To date, Tom has produced dozens of documentaries and features including award winning films such as: Through A Lens Darkly, The Fall of Jericho, We The People: The Character of a Nation, Ancient Ways, Future Paths (a 6 episode film series), The Shortest Way Home, the science fiction feature film The Watchers: Revelation and the web series BANA: Heart of Darkness.

Tom has collaborated on other films as well including the award-winning feature An Addicting Picture and the PBS documentary The Battle of Mill Springs.

Tom has won several Remi Awards from the WorldFest Houston Film Festival including both Platinum and Special Jury Awards. He has also won awards from the ICVM Film Festival, the San Diego International Film Festival, and the Milan International Film Festival. His documentaries and films have aired nationally (USA) and internationally including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Tom Dallis IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3892772/



JACOB N. STUART is an award-winning screenwriter & director, with over 20 scripts optioned and/or produced to screen, airing in over 10 different countries. His film have either won, placed, or been selected in OVER 50 film festivals. Jacob is the Founder of Screenwriting Staffing, an online community that connects screenwriters/scripts with experienced industry professionals. He is a Board Member at the Historic Plaza Theatre (Miamisburg, OH). In 2016, Jacob was a faculty member at the Hollywood International Film Academy, where he taught several courses on screenwriting.

Jacob is a screenplay/film Judge and Panel Moderator for the Universe Multicultural Film Festival and the San Diego International Kids Film Festival. In 2015, Jacob was the Screenplay Contest Director for the Cincinnati Film Festival. He has spoke on screenwriting panels across the country, including FilmDayton, WriteStuff Writers Conference, Southern Ohio Film Association, and 48 Hour Film Festival.

Jacob graduated from The Los Angeles Film School in 2010, with a concentration in Screenwriting and Directing. His films have landed him interviews in the Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Post, Dayton Daily News, Middletown Journal, Whitewater TV, WKBV – 1490 AM, Living Dayton, Face the Tribune, & The Odyssey.

Jacob N. Stuart IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3714544/


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The following are mockup representations of characters for this original series


Representations of Virginia Clemm Poe and Alyssa Lee of NEVERMORE


Representations of Edgar Allan Poe and Joseph Dickens of NEVERMORE


Representations of Madeline Shepard and Mateo Night



Photo of Joseph Dickens is by Rob Manko, model is Tony Ballard-Smoot.