IMG_2607The following are NON-ENTRY examples of the ten categories under two themes (Edgar Allan Poe and Steampunk) for the Nevermore Photo Contest. All photo examples are royalty-free pictures taken from Pixabay (  These are examples only.

Theme: Edgar Allan Poe

Category: Black and White

Any original black and white photo.

B&W1 B&W2 B&W4 B&W3 B&W5 B&W6

Category: Gothic

Any original photo that has a gothic theme.

Gothic 1 Gothic 2 Gothic 3 Gothic 4 Gothic 5 Gothic 6

Category: Mystery

Any original photo that has an air of mystery.

Mystery 1 Mystery 2 Mystery 3 Mystery 4 Mystery 5 Mystery 6

Category: Cemetery

Any original photo taken in or concerning a cemetery.

Cemetery 1 Cemetery 2 Cemetery 3 Cemetery 4 Cemetery 5 Cemetery 6

Category: Cities or Themes

Any original photo of a city or location in which Poe lived or worked. Also, any other original photo that can be associated with Edgar Allan Poe or landscapes.

City 1 City 2 City 3 City 4 City 5 City 6


Theme: Steampunk

Category: Sepia

Any original sepia photo.

Sepia 1 Sepia 2 Sepia 3 Sepia 4 Sepia 5 Sepia 6

Category: Mechanical

Any original photo that has a mechanical theme.

Mechanical 1 Mechanical 2 Mechanical 3 Mechanical 4 Mechanical 5 Mechanical 6

Category: Graphic Design

Any original graphic design.

Graphic 1 Graphic 2 Graphic 6 Graphic 5 Graphic 4 Graphic 3

Category: Fashion

Any original photo that displays some sort of Steampunk fashion or Steampunk accessories or just fashion.

Fashion 1 Fashion 6 Fashion 5 Fashion 4 Fashion 3 Fashion 2

Category: Aviation and Trains

Any original photo that shows some form of aviation or transportation.

Train 1 Train 2 Train 3 Train 4 Train 5 Train 6


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