12 Things You May Not Know About Edgar Allan Poe

Over the summer I’ve had the privilege of doing research for a future project involving Edgar Allan Poe (that’s all I will say about this project for now).  So, over the summer I have flooded my Facebook page with posts and pictures about Poe (without revealing  what I’m working on). I have also discussed him… Read more »


BANA: Heart of Darkness is now Represented

Some time ago we blogged about the making of the pilot for the web series BANA: Heart of Darkness (the pilot episode is titled “The Game”).  We weekly took you though the ups and downs in the filming of BANA  through a four week behind the scenes series title Confessions of a Filmmaker (see links below). … Read more »


Walk-A-Bout to Roosevelt Island

I took a Saturday walk up 8th Ave in Manhattan to find a pleasant surprise – a bazaar lasting several blocks (from 42nd Street up to Columbus Circle). Here was the joy of NYC venders mixed with various foods (including fried ice cream) giving the event a “county fair” feel but NYC style. From there… Read more »


Walk-A-Bout Green-Wood Cemetery

You either love them or hate them, but most of us have strong feelings about cemeteries. I’m one of those who loves them (after all, I plan on spending a great deal of my future in one). I find cemeteries with monuments or old headstones to be my favorite, of which Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn… Read more »


Walk-A-Bout Prospect Park in Brooklyn

What a delightful mistake on my end. As I was reminded, Walt Whitman once said, “Not all who wander are lost!” So on my wanderlust to head to Green-Wood Cemetery (video forthcoming) I took the wrong train into Brooklyn But it afforded me the opportunity to see something unplanned but welcomed – a visit to… Read more »


Walk-A-Bout 5th Avenue

Starting with 44th Street and then heading north on 5th Avenue to Central Park, this walk covers what is considered some of the most expensive and best shopping locations in the world. And the penthouses on top of many of these buildings are some of the most coveted. This section of New York is also… Read more »


Walk-A-Bout Night Lights at Time Square

“They say the neon lights are bright on broadway They say there’s always magic in the air”   Let’s find out as we walk together from Radio City Music Hall to Broadway and through Time Square. There is a reason why Michael Keaton could walk through a crowd in his underwear in the movie Birdman… Read more »


Walk-A-Bout Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge

Walk with me across the Brooklyn Bridge and then back across the Manhattan Bridge.   The Brooklyn Bridge is one of many New York City’s iconic landmarks. Built in 1883 it connects Brooklyn and Manhattan’s finical district. It is a mixture of cable stayed and suspension bridge and was designed by John Augustus. From it… Read more »


Walk-A-Bout The High Line

NYC is the home of several parks, one of which is The High Line Park. On the west side of Manhattan and running from 30th street down slightly past 13th street, this 1.4 mile park is certainly unique. Built on the elevated closed track of the New York Central Railroad offers an enjoyable casual walk… Read more »


Walk-A-Bout East Side Manhattan

Today’s trek takes me down 5th Ave through East Village, Soho and the Lower East Side of Manhattan. You will see the Flatiron Building, Union Square Park and a farmer’s market with occasional shots of the Empire State Building in the background. You also might recognize some locations from television shows such as SMASH, Sex… Read more »

  • Christmas songs

    The Best Christmas Songs You’ve Never Heard

    Tired of the same old sounds of the season? Mix it up this Christmas by adding some new songs to your holiday playlist. There’s a radio station in my hometown that plays Christmas music 24 hours a day, starting on Thanksgiving. The problem? They play the same ten songs over and over again. And while… Read more »

  • Nesting Meditation

    What I Learned From Building a Nesting Meditation

    Try this unique style of writing meditation to help quiet your mind. Like most busy people, I have trouble meditating. I think of meditation as a time to clear the mind, and when I can’t do it, I become frustrated that I can’t achieve a Zen-like state. Then I read an article about nesting meditation… Read more »

  • Is Your Next Great Idea an Accident Waiting to Happen?

    Why your next creative breakthrough may only be one accident away. A few weeks ago I had a scary moment during my morning commute. I was the car behind a seven car accident on I-75. The scene unfolded before my eyes as I watched the cars careen into each other and the retaining wall. At… Read more »

  • Why We Love a Good Sale

    Why We Love A Good Sale

    Have you ever wondered why people camp out all night to buy a cheap TV or get up at four am to go shopping on Black Friday? Here’s why we love a good sale. I’ve never been much of a shopper. Sure, a romp through a bookstore is a nice treat, but when it comes… Read more »

  • Tradition!

    How traditions may keep us from preserving the things that really matter. It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. Time for turkey and pumpkin pie, Black Friday shopping and Christmas trees and lights. Our family has its share of holiday traditions. Watching White Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas. Seeing a version of… Read more »

  • Thanksgiving-Brownscombe

    So You Think You Know Thanksgiving?

    A fun, fact-filled quiz about Thanksgiving. Below are 20 true or false questions about the special day that starts the holiday season, Thanksgiving. You can make this a personal challenge or a fun family game at your Thanksgiving Dinner table. So grab a piece of paper and number it 1 through 20. Are you ready?… Read more »

  • XMen Beauty and Beast

    This Beauty is a Beast: What I’ve Learned from X-Men

    Life lessons from X-Men, as learned by 12 year old stage and screen actor and guest post author Carissa Dallis. Although I do not admit this very often, my dad was right. In his earlier blog post he said that the idea for all of us to write a blog post about X-Men came either came… Read more »

  • X Men Darwin Photo by Elliott Brown

    Why I’m Like Darwin from X-Men: First Class

    How I figured out how I am like Darwin from X-Men: First Class. It’s amazing the conversations I have with my 12 year old daughter, Carissa. Today it was about whether we were introverts or extroverts. She had just taken a mini version of the Myers-Briggs personality test and scored as an INTJ. She focused… Read more »

  • SDCC_2012_-_Avengers_vs_X-Men_(7626703066)

    X-Men: Finding My Inner Mutant

    Five simple and fun quizzes based on the characters of X-Men to find your mutant super power. Last week I was met by my family with the revelation, “We’ve had a breakthrough! Let’s all do a post about the X-Men.” I knew that this idea had to originate with my daughter because my wife’s interest… Read more »

  • file1841341844848

    Who is the Real James Bond?

    Several stars have played the spy who loved us and who we love to watch. But who is the real James Bond? Who’s your favorite James Bond? Many actors have played the dashing, womanizing, super spy since Ian Fleming wrote about him in his 1953 book Casino Royale. The first actor to play him was… Read more »