Starting with 44th Street and then heading north on 5th Avenue to Central Park, this walk covers what is considered some of the most expensive and best shopping locations in the world. And the penthouses on top of many of these buildings are some of the most coveted.

This section of New York is also highly desired in the film industry for its location, which is often seen in major motion pictures. On this brief Walk-A-Bout you will see beautiful architecture and the inspirational beauty of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral both of which you have undoubtedly seen several times in various films.

The film classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s had an iconic shot of Audrey Hepburn standing outside of Tiffany’s in NYC. American Hustle and Home Alone 2 also made use of this end of town. The fountain at the end of the video was also seen in Bride Wars.

The Trump Tower on 5th was used as Bruce Wayne’s office in The Dark Knight Rises. Other superhero films shot on this same end of 5th Avenue include Daredevil, the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Spider-Man.

Written by Tom Dallis