You either love them or hate them, but most of us have strong feelings about cemeteries. I’m one of those who loves them (after all, I plan on spending a great deal of my future in one). I find cemeteries with monuments or old headstones to be my favorite, of which Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn is one of the best. With a view of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty facing in its direction, and the hundreds of monuments; Green-Wood Cemetery feels more like an art museum than a place of final rest. And yet, those who make this cemetery their home number over 560,000 – making it one of the world’s largest cemeteries.

It is also considered one of the world’s best cemeteries for film and television locations, and is listed as one of the top ten cemeteries found in cinema. Movies such as The Departed, After Life, and The Other Guys (to mention a few) had part of their films shot here. And television shows such as Law & Order, Gossip Girl, and Gotham have had scenes filmed at this cemetery. It has also appeared on Nova, The Antiques Roadshow, ABC’s 20-20, Animal Planet, and As The World Turns.

So if you are looking for a peaceful stroll with a gorgeous view, rich history, and beautiful monuments you should visit Green-Wood Cemetery. Also, keep your eye out for parakeets – because of a cargo accident at JFK airport a few years ago a group of parakeets escaped and took refuge at Green-Wood Cemetery. You just may see one of their decedents hidden in the trees.



Written by Tom Dallis